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About Achieve Your Dreams Basketball

††††††††††† Retired coaching legends Terry Thompson and Bill Hager, along with highly successful coach Bob Amendola, are dedicated to sharing their proven teaching and structured coaching talents with aspiring athletes so that you may ďAchieve Your basketball DreamsĒ.

††††††††††† AYD Basketball, through its camps, AAU teams, tournaments and instruction, provide off season learning and training programs for the individual player, as well as school and AAU teams and coaches.

How will AYD Basketball benefit you?

††††††††††† We believe it takes 3 things to become a good basketball player: (1) Good Coaching, (2) Work Ethic, and (3) Good Competition.


††††††††††† Our coaches will teach and build proper fundamentals essential to successful playing skills.† We will teach and emphasize the development of good playing habits and to lose the bad ones.† Skill is the divider, we will help you recognize your weaknesses and improve them, †as well as identify your strengths and play to them.† You will learn winning strategies and tactics from coaches who were winners.†† Most importantly we will coach you not to just look at whatís happening while you play, but rather the ability to see whatís going on on the court, see the open man, see where to take the ball, see the guy thatís defended, and see who is open on the break.† The ability to see where to make plays comes with improved knowledge of the game.

Work Ethic:

††††††††††† You will learn how to improve your practice skills, how to work with intensity, and how to persevere with concentration and discipline.†† We will teach you how to become a more coachable player and how to better communicate with players and coaches.† Most importantly, we will coach you how to listen to what you are being told, not just hear it.† Most players only hear; they donít listen.† You will learn to listen to what is being said and listen to what is expected of you in your role as a part of a team.

Good Competition:

††††††††††† AYD programs and events will provide you the opportunity to compete against the best regional competition available, both in game situations as well as practice settings.

††††††††††† Our outstanding directors, coaches and counselors are dedicated to making the camps, AAU teams, and tournaments the best experience possible.